A new signal showed up today

Hi dear reader,

Today I painted a new piece.

Started as always facing my canvas and adding my painting. Then the omnipresence theme came to my mind and I started creating my omnipresent God similar to the one that appeared unwillingly on another of my paintings, ”Devastación” last year.


So I painted the Omnipresent God that is everywhere and sees everything. Everyone and especially powerful and influential people of the world should have this in mind. That was my mindset of this afternoon.

I finished my painting and I took pictures as always, and observing it from some distance, I realized that there is an image that showed up more visible upside down.

It’s not an understatement to say that my artwork sometimes surprises me.

Take care and be good,




“Sunset in Punta del Este”

“Atardecer en Punta del Este“

Caro Ramonde’s conceptual artwork, “Sunset in Punta del Este,” has been nominated and competing at the Global Art Awards, taking place at Shanghai, China the 21st of November of this year.

This contest has a first stage where the public votes, and a second stage where the Judges select the winner between the 100 most voted artworks.

It’s a great honor and recognition for Caro and all the artists to be included in this select group.

Please vote and support the fantastic artwork of the Italian-Uruguayan artist Caro Ramonde.