About me – Caro Ramonde


My artwork inspiration is what my soul is going through, nature, places I visit that make me happy or that call my attention, ecology events happening due to climate change with all its power, and sometimes tragedies like the current pandemic we’re going through.

My art is sometimes Naturalist, sometimes Surrealist and my color scheme is diverse depending on the theme, many times my selected option is a monochromatic palette.

The selected medium currently is oil paint and I have some artwork on acrylic, almost all my pieces are on museum canvas but I have some on wood panels.


I was born in a cute city by the sea, Montevideo, Uruguay.

My ancestors are Italian, Spanish, French, so multiculturality is in my blood and also their artistic curiosity and skills.

Since I was a little girl design and painting was part of my life, and my natural curiosity and willingness to learn took me to look for Art in almost all its forms: Fashion Designer, Garden Designer, Sculpture, AutoCad Design, many Design Programs, Art History, travelling to see where old civilizations lived and the Art they created.

I graduated as an Interior Designer at the College of a famous Italian Designer: Gino Moncalvo. Painting was a great part of the curriculum, mostly watercolors and perspective techniques.

After married life took us to the adventure of travelling and living in different cultures: Argentina was our first move, I graduated from a Comercial studies there and then started Computer Analysis at University of Buenos Aires. Soon we moved to Italy so another period of being surrounded by the most famous Artist creations, my favorite there: Michelangelo Buonarruoti and other famous genious started. My oldest daughter was born at Milano, surrounded by all those magic old places and art everywhere.

Travelling in Europe to the amazing museums like the Louvre, Museo del Prado, visiting where Salvador Dali lived and his Museum, where Picasso lived and his Museum, culture that goes into your bloodstream and becames part of your Art too.

At Brazil another period started, my second daughter was born surrounded by all the happines and joy of the Brasilians and color and music everywhere. I graduated in Art after two years of study there, and learned a lot about Acrilic & Oil Painting techniques and the use of color.

We move after some years to México, another culture so different than the others, the Pyramids of Tehotihuacán my favorite place and the Museums with Maya and Azteca Art and their artifacts and creations, amazing. Frida Kahlo and her house: Casa Azul de Coyoacán where she lived with his love, artist Diego Rivera.

Currently I spend a lot of my time travelling between Vancouver with its amazing Totems and Ancient Tribes Art and NYC with all the vibrancy of new artists and my favorite Museum: MOMA. Having one of my paintings displayed there is aspirational.

Caro Ramonde, January 2020.







Carolina Ramonde



Caro Ramonde
West Vancouver Art Gallery

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